The Geneva School of Manhattan seeks to provide an academic environment where children strive to achieve their full God-given potential.

Every program and activity at Geneva School seeks to encompass the spiritual development of our students. We teach subjects from a biblical worldview with the desire that students will be rooted in truth. Training in logic and rhetoric prepares them to articulate faith in a pluralistic society such as New York City.

We seek for every classroom to be centered on the truth of God’s Word and for our entire educational program to be grounded in a thorough study of the Bible. At Geneva School, the Bible is incorporated as the first book in our rich literature-based curriculum. Geneva School students are encouraged to delight in "the law of the Lord" (Psalm 1:2) and to allow its truth to instruct their actions. Furthermore, students are encouraged to ponder deep spiritual truths as they would other academic subjects.

Students participate in weekly Chapel services that provide community to our School body and realign our hearts to the God's work in the world. Students participate in regular service and mission projects where they begin to learn to live out their calling in Christ.

Within the established structure and routine of this spiritually sound and academically enriching environment, children have the freedom to exercise the full extent of their intellectual curiosity and to achieve the high standards set before them with enthusiasm and joy. As students leave our halls, it is our hope that they are grounded in the love of Christ and equipped with the truth of the gospel.

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