The Geneva School of Manhattan was founded in 1996 through the passion and perseverance of visionaries Myrna Anderson and Rim An Hinckley, both educators in New York City.

Committed to the vision of providing a Christian education based on a classical paradigm, they were helped by the writings of Douglas Wilson. His book Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning was instrumental in laying the groundwork for Geneva School, specifically, the following tenets:

  • To provide a nurturing Christian atmosphere where biblical truth is taught as an integral part of all subjects
  • To provide an excellent education that measurably exceeds that available in other schools as evidenced by standardized tests and high school placements
  • To offer an affordable education to diverse Christian families who live in New York City, including those working in fulltime ministry

In September 1995, Ms. Anderson, an educator in music, and Ms. Hinckley, a mathematics teacher at the United Nations International School, held the first meeting to discuss the inception of the school. Over the course of the next year and as a result of numerous meetings and application processes, The Geneva School of Manhattan was formed. In September 1996 Geneva School opened its doors to 22 students in three classes, Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade. The School added subsequent grades each year through Eighth Grade.

Its first Eighth Grade students graduated in 2004, earning placement in the city’s most desired high schools. Since that time, Geneva School alumni have matriculated to top high schools and universities.