School Reopening Plan

Love God. Love Learning.

Geneva School is committed to the safety and security of our students, families, faculty, and staff. We adhere to federal, state, and local recommendations and laws, and seek advice from our pediatrician medical consultant where necessary. We are unwavering in our goal to provide a rich classical Christian education and to sustain the strength of our School community during this period of isolation. Geneva School has been conducting in-person classes five days a week since August 2020.

Read the Geneva School NY Forward Safety Plan

Travel-Related Self-Quarantine Requirement

Families returning from overseas or a state on the restricted list is required to self-quarantine for 10 days before returning to School, and self-monitor for symptoms. New York State COVID-19 Travel Advisory.

On-Campus Requirements


Maintain safe classroom space • Keep students in one classroom and have teachers rotate
• Rearrange student desks
• Reinforce social norms/etiquette
• Avoid community supplies
Promote a safe workplace for school personnel • Conduct virtual staff meetings
• Enforce stay-at-home policy when sick
• Provide easy access to hand hygiene products
• Arrange classrooms to allow teachers to social distance
• Ensure daily cleaning of the School
Avoid students mixing outside of classroom • Use both doors to enter the building (less congestion)
• Cancel all field trips and other large gatherings
• Eat lunch in classrooms rather than in a large lunchroom
• Schedule staggered bathroom breaks
• Stagger playground use with appropriate safeguards
Promote health checks • Emphasize importance of daily home checks by parents
• Perform daily temperature checks
• Immediately send home anyone showing any symptoms
• Isolated sick room will be on the first floor while students wait for parent pickup
Encourage limited interactions outside school • Limit non-essential visitors
• Limit transfer for special programs (e.g. PE in other buildings)
• Limit traveling during Thanksgiving Break or any long weekends

In the event a member of a student's household has tested positive for, or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19:

  • If a member of a student's household is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for the virus, the student must be sent home immediately. As a close contact, the student must not return for the duration of the quarantine.
  • If a member of a student's household is being quarantined as a precautionary measure without any symptoms or a positive test, the student may attend school during the duration of the quarantine.
  • If a student or a member of the student's household becomes symptomatic for COVID-19 or tests positive, the student must quarantine and may not return until after quarantine is complete.


All students and faculty will wear masks or gaiters in school when not eating.

Social Distancing

We will follow social distancing protocols in School and especially for music and physical education. Upper School physical education will be outdoors. Lower School physical education will take place outdoors and the gymnasium on 91 St. No activities will require physical contact.


We will make every effort to keep students in the same class, creating small cohorts to ensure the health of our students. Teachers will rotate into the students’ classroom spaces to minimize movement.

The Building

The School building is fitted with touchless light switches, faucets, and water bottle filling stations. Additional sinks are installed on each floor as well as hand sanitizing stations. We have installed social distancing markers and signs. Classrooms have been arranged to distance students.


We have enhanced cleaning and disinfecting with a new company.  The cleaners will spend an additional two hours every night to disinfect the building (10 hours total.) High traffic areas will be cleaned throughout the day. 

COVID-19 screening


Parents are the first line of defense. They are required to screen the child every morning and report the results to the School via a dedicated health screening app. If symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are present, the child needs to be kept at home. Symptoms include: presence of fever (100°F and above), chills, muscle aches, cough, new onset loss of sense of smell or taste, and shortness of breath. Before returning to School, the child must be tested or have a doctor’s note stating that the child is free of COVID-19.

Faculty and Staff

The School will require faculty and staff to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to School each day via a dedicated health screening app. Faculty and staff will not report to School if they have any symptoms. Before returning to School, faculty and staff must be tested or have a doctor’s note stating that they are free of COVID-19.


Access to the School building will be limited and will require screening. Visitors will be screened for symptoms, possible contact with anyone with COVID-19, and travel exposure. 

In-School symptoms 

If a student begins experiencing symptoms in School, he or she will be isolated and monitored by a dedicated staff member until the student is picked up. Staff members who become symptomatic at School will go home immediately.


A positive confirmed case will trigger an investigation by NYC Test + Trace and DOHMH to determine close contacts within the School. The School will communicate to families and students once a case is confirmed, observing privacy protocols. 

School Closure

In the event that there is a confirmed case in School, all students and teachers in that class are assumed to be close contacts and will be instructed to self-quarantine for 10 days. The School will also notify the DOH for contract tracing. 

School closures will take place at the discretion of the Head of School, Division Heads, and the Board. We will follow state and local authorities and best practices from peer institutions. In the event School closes down, we will enter into Distance Learning for at least 10 days. School will reopen post investigation.

Learning Plan

Geneva School is offering a full-time Distance Learning plan for families as an alternative to On-Campus learning. Details may be found on our Distance Learning page.