Parent Perspectives

Our parents have much to say about the School, its influence on their families, and its long-term legacy for their children.

"Geneva School has been a great fit for our family. Our children have developed a true love of learning. Equally important, they also learn to develop their love for the Lord. We appreciate the partnership between parent and school, and we see the character of our children being wonderfully crafted during these formative years. Academically, we are pleased with the results of the classical curriculum implemented by nurturing teachers.The community is diverse, yet distinctly Christian. Geneva School and our Christian community are significant reasons we choose to raise our family in New York City."

Parent (since 2006) of two Geneva School students

"The Geneva Beginner's Program envelopes our children in joy and love.  At the tender ages of 2, 3 & 4, my son mastered the fundamentals while simultaneously learning to show his friends love through respectful play; to know the joy & pride of making good choices; and to freely create in a place where he is cherished.  He could have learned his ABCs, 1-2-3s, Music, French, etc. many places, but the development of his heart is something truly magnificent & so beautifully integrated into his life at Geneva.  I am forever grateful for our partnership."

Parent since 2011

"Our family has richly benefited from the individualized attention our two children have received, thanks to the small class sizes of Geneva School. We especially appreciate the School’s academic excellence and spiritual formation provided in a supportive, nurturing environment, as well as the opportunity for them to study classic literature, Singapore Math, French and Latin."

Parent since 2009

"Our daughter has been having a wonderful final year at Geneva School. She has grown in new ways through the opportunity to be Student Council President and part of the Geneva Knights. These two pursuits, in particular, have helped her become more engaged and grow in leadership skills...She is treasuring every last day she has at Geneva. She looks upon the past nine years at the School with immense fondness and gratitude. She deeply loves the School, the students, the teachers, and the staff."

Parent (since 2003) of a Geneva School graduate

"We are now the parents of two high school graduates, one in an excellent liberal arts college, Washington and Lee University, the more recent graduate now headed for the music program at Wheaton College, arguably the best Christian music conservatory in the country. We believe that Geneva School, this small, but rigorous, Christian classical school in Manhattan, gave them the sound foundation in academics which they took into high school. Additionally, both children benefitted from relationships with teachers who sought to help them develop a moral compass. And, there is an encouraging component to being Geneva School parents as well. We made many positive friendships there that we still maintain. With Christ as the center of your child’s educational experience, the entire family benefits."

Parent (since 1996) of two Geneva School graduates

"As I said and will keep on repeating, whatever success the girls have had, I give most credit to the grounding they received at Geneva School. So thank you so much for all you have done for the family, from that first meeting with Mette in London to the amazing community we joined at Geneva, to exam and university success for [my daughters], to the touching tribute to Mette, my heartfelt thanks and the eternal gratitude of the Beard family."

Parent of alumni and husband of Mette Beard, to whom we dedicated our science lab in 2011.

"Each year I am thrilled with the spiritual and academic growth of our grandsons...I want to show my support for your ministry and help make it possible for others to benefit."

Sent with a donation from a Geneva School grandparent