Statement of Faith

We believe in God, who is the infinite author and sustainer of all things, who called the universe into being, created persons in his own image, and set before each one the ways of life and death.
(Genesis 1:26-28)

We believe in God, who in holiness and love sent prophets and apostles to declare God’s will and who, in the fullness of time, sent forth his son, Jesus Christ, to be our crucified and risen Savior.
(John 3:16)

We believe in God, who, in Jesus Christ, lived among us, shared our common lot, set a perfect example, taught with divine authority, and conquered sin and death.
(Matthew 7:28-29)

We believe in God, who, with Christ, sent the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment, and to create and renew the church that binds in covenant faithful people of all ages, tongues, and races.
(Acts 2:2-11)

We believe in God, who gave us his Word, the Bible, as his divine, inerrantly inspired revelation and carrying the full weight of his authority.
(2 Timothy 3:16)

We believe in God, who created both male and female in his image and whose creative power, life-giving, self-giving and moral nature are reflected and perfectly expressed in a godly union between male and female.
(Genesis 1:27, 2:18-25, Mark 10:6-9)

We believe in God, who has called us by grace into his church through faith in Jesus Christ to accept the cost of discipleship, proclaim the gospel to the world, and serve our neighbors in humility and love.
(Matthew 16:24-25, 24:14)