Beginners Twos and Threes

Beginners Twos and Threes meet Monday through Thursday from 8:30AM to 11:30AM. It includes a curriculum designed specifically to inspire our very youngest students to love learning and thrive at school. With an early emphasis on play-based learning in a teacher-directed environment, children explore the joy of learning while gaining a new sense of independence. Class sizes are small and provide the most nurturing environment with regular free play, singing, outdoor play, and beginning exposure to structured learning.

Please refer to the Beginners Threes and Fours program for additional detail regarding curriculum. The structure is flexible and evolves during the early months of the year, while some subjects vary to accommodate age-appropriate learning. Examples include tracing letters with fingers rather than writing letters, and a focus on exploring social interactions. French, music, Discovery Time, movement, playtime, circle time, art, classic literature, play-based mathematics and Bible are all experienced in the Beginners Twos and Threes class.