Student Life

At The Geneva School of Manhattan, our students benefit from several factors that make our school unique and welcoming.

  • Small class sizes
  • Christian teaching and practices
  • Socioeconomic and ethnic diversity
  • Multi-class learning circles
  • Access to teachers and faculty
  • Weekly Assembly
  • School-wide field trips and events


Our Upper School students are encouraged and challenged to live and act as role models to younger students, a challenge to which they aspire and excel. Our teachers serve as examples of patience, forgiveness, and faithfulness. Moreover, our weekly Assembly acknowledges acts of kindness and service with “Fruit of the Spirit” awards.


In addition to setting example for young students, our Upper School students form our Student Council. Each fall new Student Council representatives are chosen from the entire student body. Student-led activities include a neighborhood bake sale, Literature Week, yearbook committee, and service projects.

Community Service

Lower and Upper School students participate in a variety of opportunities to serve our community. Seventh and Eighth Grade students travel each month to A House on Beekman in the South Bronx, where students partner with preschool students as reading buddies. In addition, Geneva School students interact with the little ones during free and organized play. All of Geneva School participate in a children's book drive to benefit this program.


We welcome the opportunity to celebrate student work, class-led initiatives, teacher profiles, and other School news in the bi-monthly Geneva Journal. It is a joy to share the many accomplishments of our hard-working students in this way, and we hope you will enjoy this informal snapshot into our unique education environment.


Geneva School students participate in events throughout the year. They include Spirit Week, Upper School inter-school sports, concerts, the Poetry Festival, the Spelling Bee, Cicero's Podium, and Assembly presentations. They sing, act, play instruments, dance, create props, fashion costumes, recite lines, and give speeches. They cheer on their fellow students to give forth their best efforts. Geneva School students are encouraged to develop and utilize their gifts, talents, and abilities to bring joy and serve their communities.