Experiential Learning

Geneva School enjoys the distinct privilege of being located in the heart of Manhattan, a city replete with brilliant architecture, world-class museums, and a wide array of art, music, and culture.

Children are continually learning experientially within the classrom. Additionally, we naturally take advantage of the opportunities provided by living in a global city center. Field trips are planned by the classroom teacher to correspond to the particular field of study and curriculum. For instance, Second Grade students studying Egyptian history will visit the Egyptian wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Third Grade students studying medieval art and architecture make stone carvings, gargoyles, illuminated manuscripts, brass rubbings, and stained glass tissue paper windows at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

Upper School students are able to explore within and beyond the boundaries of New York City. Science field trips include Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment and Groundwork Hudson Valley Science Barge. Fifth and Sixth Grade students, in their study of American history, visit Philadelphia and Boston on alternate years. Seventh and Eighth Grade students enjoy extended trips to Washington, DC as a culmination of their studies in logic and rhetoric.