Mission and Philosophy

Since its beginning in 1996, the School has provided a rich and rigorous curriculum within the framework of Christian beliefs. Its classical and Christian education blends the enduring elements of classical learning with the eternal message of Scripture.

Our Mission

The Geneva School of Manhattan exists to provide a time-proven classical education within a biblical worldview. We inspire students to love learning, pursue excellence, and become leaders in scholarship, virtue, and faith.

Our Statement of Faith

Our Goals

  • To instill a lifetime love of learning
  • To engage the mind and nourish the spirit
  • To nurture Christ-centered faith and character

Our Method

The classical pedagogy forms the foundation of all aspects of the Geneva School curriculum. Our teachers, trained in classical teaching methods, equip students to explore various subjects within the framework of historical periods, beginning with Ancient Egyptian history and progressing to Greek and Roman periods, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and modern history. We supplement traditional subjects with adjunct classes in music, art, physical education, and languages. We provide training in chess as a way to further engage the mind in problem-solving skills. And we offer further training in classical music through music lessons at The Geneva Conservatory of Music.

Because we simultaneously engage the heart as well as the mind, our teachers view their students as made in the image of God with unique talents and traits. Teachers are trained to shepherd the heart of the student, not just shape the behavior of the child. The school day incorporates prayer and study of the Bible, its history, and theology. Our faculty seeks to set an example of faith and character as role models for our students. In turn, our Upper School students set examples of scholarship for the Lower School students. And School parents form a community that seeks to honor God.