Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition Schedule

The tuition schedule for the 2020-2021 school year is listed below:

  Tuition Fees* Total Cost 20% Tuition Deposit**
Beginners 2s/3s AM (4 half days) $15,600 $300 $15,900 $3,120
Beginners 3s/4s PM (5 half days) $18,000 $400 $18,400 $3,600
Junior Kindergarten (5 full days) $26,000 $500 $26,500 $5,200
Kindergarten to Fourth Grade $27,600 $600 $28,200 $5,520
Fifth and Sixth Grades $27,600 $750 + $400 $28,750 $5,520
Seventh and Eighth Grades $27,600 $750 + $800 $29,150 $5,520

*Fee includes textbooks, workbooks, class field trips, science lab supplies and other school supplies. For Fifth through Eighth Grades, the additional fee is for the overnight class trip. Uniforms and optional after-school programs are NOT included in the fee.

** Tuition deposit is 20 percent of tuition and will be adjusted for those who have received financial aid. Financial aid awards have been communicated separately and will be applied to the Tuition Management Agreement.

An application fee of $70 is required with the completed application. Upon acceptance to The Geneva School of Manhattan, a non-refundable deposit of 20 percent is requested; this deposit is credited toward the tuition bill. Information about payment plans and financial aid is available by contacting the School Admissions office.

After-school activities are provided for additional fees.


Financial Aid

As part of its founding philosophy and mission, Geneva School remains committed to providing need-based financial aid to qualifying families. Our financial aid program assists families to the extent of our annual financial aid budget. After our admissions committee accepts an applicant to Geneva School, financial aid awards are made based on a family’s demonstrated need and the availability of funds. Financial aid is available for qualifying students in Junior Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

As with many independent schools, we enlist the TADS to help us gather necessary information we require. It is important to note that TADS does not determine the amount of financial aid awarded, but merely assists the School in determining a family's ability to contribute. Award decisions are made by our financial aid committee based on the parents' financial statement submitted to TADS, as well as additional factors and special circumstances. Awards are distributed according to our budget for financial aid. Notification of awards will be sent in conjunction with our enrollment decision letter. We encourage those in need of financial aid to begin the process as early as possible. Submission of requests for financial aid begins by completing the TADS financial aid application. Financial aid applications are available beginning September 15, 2020 and must be submitted by December 21, 2020. Questions may be addressed to the TADS toll-free help line at 800.477.8237.

Click here to apply at http://www.tads.comClick here to apply at